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Going down the road of self-reflection, it becomes increasingly more important that you notice and recognize your own emotions.

This leads us to acknowledge and accept them because only this process can bring us understanding. This gives us the ability to move on, assess the results, and step forward with our newly gained wisdom.
Several mindfulness, self-awareness, or breathing technique trainings can help you do that. As you face these challenges, you'll automatically pay more attention to self-care, because let's be honest, that road is not always paved with sunshine and sparkles.
You might appreciate and enjoy the blessings of yoga, healthy food, and natural living more as you go along the way.  And if you ask yourself now: yeah, but is it all worth the effort? From my experience of the last decade, I can only say that if I could choose again, I would never ever choose a different path.
The discovery of “who we truly are” makes the whole journey so much more rewarding than any temporary consolation that avoidance and using the “self-consolation tools” of the material world alone could provide. You might ask when we should cut the veil of illusion and step out into Light. The answer is self-evident by observing yourself reading this article- the time is now! We are here to hold your hand until you need it. 
Henriett Brezinski
P.S Henriett Brezinski will be exhibiting her paintings on September 19 & 20 at Creative Town ('T College 22, 5611EH Eindhoven)

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