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Have you ever thought about how we can truly express our inner feminine?
How do we embrace this gentle strength that is a part of all of us? And men are included, so up the game, gents!

Besides the outer signs we embrace daily by choosing soft colours, and occasionally wearing high heels and skirts, how do we really embrace it? How do we live it? Does our communication in the working space reflect this gentleness, or do we blend into the expectations of performance, power, and strength? 
Don't misunderstand me; I'm not saying that those things are bad! I'm only saying that we also have a part within ourselves that is often forgotten, overlooked, and deeply underestimated. This part teaches us to be gentle, affectionate and accepting of ourselves. The process of learning this creates a trust towards our body, mind, and soul, such that we are able to take care of them all. It creates an understanding that we are there for them, listening to them. That we treat them as a whole, which they are- Unity. 
And yes, it so happens that sometimes we have to carry on for a bit longer. However, they'll work with us, because they have learned that we provide them with sufficient rest, joy, and play when the "match" for the day is over.
So if you haven’t practised this before, ask yourself honestly- “What holds you back?” And instead of looking for excuses, please allow yourself to hear me whisper a secret in your ear-
“The time to start is NOW!”
By Henriett Brezinski
IG @HenriEntti

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