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"From softness arises much more than from power"- said my yoga instructor Erik Gijselhart, and my mind went "BANG"!

It made me think deeply, and I started to question everything- my goals, motives, values. In the end, what's the point of all the fighting, striving for more, without even listening to our real needs and desires? 

The Womb
Gemengde media op canvas by Henriett Brezinski

The tiny voice of our soul is in battle with what we are able to do here and now. So why are we doing it so often? Especially if, as it turns out, the road of infinite possibilities and the ability to discover our true talents starts exactly with the opposite- listening!

Looking inwards and letting the silence opens up our creative powers. Let us allow ourselves to sometimes be limitlessly free, with the only intention being the curiosity of what might emerge from our joy. We might start painting or dancing, writing, or choose from an array of artistic endeavors. Basically, let us practice any way of self-expression that helps our soul to let go of all the pressure, and enjoy the now. 

One might also seek places that help us reach that peaceful state- like yoga, mindfulness, or self-awareness courses. Any avenue that helps us to be more conscious of the present, the ability to exist “in the moment”, is worth pursuing. This is because, in the end, it all comes down to one key element- The Balance between the World and Your Inner Peace!


By Henriette Brezinski



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