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This morning was the first in a long time that woke me with a smile, and the feeling that all is good and every morning is a new chance.

I remember watching Ann Shirley as a kid saying this, and my tiny romantic soul was mesmerized by it.
I spoke it out loud every morning, reinforcing within myself that "all is good", but had to work the whole day to feel even a little of it. This morning's smile took an immense amount of inner work, but I'm happy knowing WHY I feel it now, and why I hadn't felt it much the past four decades.
I was always looking for the source of happiness outside myself. Events, people, visuals, music- it's all beautiful, but I realized I'm not dependent on those things. I'm happy they are there for us, inspiring us and reconnecting us with our core, but for that smile, I need to be connected to my own core.
This means I trust myself, and live freely- giving space for all forms of expression to flow through me. Simply put: I accept myself fully. This means talking to myself with kindness and still striving to reach my boundaries every day. Treating my soul and body with the softest touch. Being self-compassionate when it's hard to live through some challenges, pushing myself through empathy. Providing enough rest, but also enough nutrition for my body and soul.
That's the core I'm reconnecting to when opening my eyes, and it fills me with such beauty. I realized recently, I speak less, but when I look into people's eyes, there's bliss between us, and I only need to say a few words to convey the message. Letting the mystery of communication unfold, reinforcing the simple fact:
That LIFE is full of MAGIC!
Henriett Brezinski

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