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We are six months into 2021.
Meanwhile...  We reached many goals,  We couldn’t make some dreams happen...
Many priorities shifted,  Unexpected things showed up...
We had to learn resilience...

Sometimes we liked the life we have... Sometimes not. And that’s OK. For all these reasons, it's so important to believe and understand that any day is a good day to start again.

You don't need New Year's Eve, a Monday or the first day of any month, to try again, to change your mind, to make new plans, to set different goals, and change the way you do things.

After living 7 years abroad, I came to the conclusion that the only one sure thing I can rely on is that life will change.

So... whenever you feel that you need to rethink your plans and goals, do this:
- objectively describe your life as it is right now
- write ten words to represent how you'd like things to be/ what you’d like to happen
- write three ways you can reach your goal
- pick one course of action (the most realistic but ambitious one) and break it down into small
So... What's your mid-year resolution?

Laura Curta

P.S Laura is a life coach for internationals, she gives workshops regularly and is an active member of International Creative Women


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