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Some weeks ago, when the sun was shining, we were invited to participate in a workshop called making creative masks. This project was organized by Residency for People, The New Order of Fashion and Zandbak Eindhoven.

We got together at the Central station area in Eindhoven. We had unusual materials, sewing machines, hot glue, and different pieces of discarded fabric to create the masks.

According to Lucas Maassen from Residency for People: “The workshop shined another light on the masks people have to wear in public transport nowadays. Each resulting mouth mask tells us a personal story and maybe even gives us a little consolation in these pandemic times, in particular at the central station” 

After an introduction by Michiel van Maaren, nine expat women set out to transform the humble mask into a canvas for storytelling. We absolutely loved it, it was a great opportunity to create and share our thoughts.  The experience was fun, personal, emotional, and very creative.

Past Friday, we attended the official opening of the exposition at Onomatopee. We wore the masks one more time and enjoyed a great moment.

Do you want to know more about the project? Visit Onomatopee where you can see the result of this creative workshop.

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