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One of the best ways to show your feeling and gratitude is to write a handwritten note. Writing an email or making a call to say something are both good ways of expression, but handwritten notes really make the person receiving the note feel special.

Technology has made everything seem robotic and automated. Everything is typed out and viewed on a screen. A lot of times, one can experience the gap of true connection in our day-to-day communications. When you take time and write a personalised note, it simply shows the person at the receiving end how much they are loved and valued. This is a feeling that cannot be bought with any amount of money.

Each and every one of us knows how great it feels to be appreciated. A handwritten note is a physical demonstration to the person to let them know that they are appreciated and valued. This also encourages them to seek more connection within the relationship because they know that the relationship makes them feel good.

Sending handwritten notes does not cost big money- the only things needed are good thoughts and good intentions. It’s one of the most impactful ways these days in this digital era. Just try it once and light up someone’s day.

S. Chitra


International Creative Women

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