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We live in a complicated world. We feel the constant need to compare our lives with others, and are often unhappy with the results. 

Gratitude can help overcome this feeling.

Being thankful for all that we have in life helps us see the importance of every experience. Good experiences give us joy and help us power through the bad times. The bad times teach us valuable lessons to grow in life. An attitude of gratitude lets us appreciate life in all its intricacies and alleviate the feeling of discontentment. 
Starting and maintaining a gratitude log in a journal is a great way to start! We reflect on our day in a more mindful manner, and it gives us the opportunity to appreciate the little things in life which bring us joy. It’s not easy to find something to be thankful for every day, but over time it builds the habit of actively seeking positives in even seemingly dreary days.
Inculcating a sense of gratitude towards life also helps develop camaraderie with others, rather than competition. It helps us realize that we are all humans, and that everybody struggles. Rather than tearing each other down, we help others in their journey.
So what are you grateful for today?
Anwesha Dutta
International Creative Women

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