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Did you already discover barefoot walking? And I don’t necessarily mean barefoot literally… Every day we push our feet into shoes. For protection, for stability. However, have you ever considered the possibility that we are weakening our feet and thereby our total body?  

The toes have an especially hard time in many great looking women’s shoes. Toes are related to our head area. So give your head and mental processes some space!
A pair of barefoot shoes has specific features. In addition to the wide toebox, it is also recognized by the absence of a heel increase. Regular shoes in general have at least a slight heel increase. This corrects your body position in a non-natural way.
With barefoot shoes, you will use the whole sole of your feet. It gives a more grounded feel. The thin sole will let your feet muscles do the work. Yes! It is a workout that will benefit your whole body, as different parts of the feet correspond with parts of the body.
Your feet carry your body all day long! Since I wear barefoot shoes I am freed of lower back issues. I feel more connected to the earth and myself. And I still have the benefits of shoes, as they keep my feet warm and clean. After 15 years of wearing therapeutic insoles, I did need some time to adjust. Now, I have around 30 pairs of regular shoes catching dust in my cabinet…
Kim Henst
International Creative Women

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