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5 Amazing Benefits of Art for Kids That You Maybe Never Heard​ Before

Kids love to discover and create with art materials. These artistic experiences are not just a lot of fun but also help children to develop their skills. As an art teacher, I can mention a huge amount of benefits of art, but now I am sharing just some of them.

1. Fine motor skills.

These skills are the basis of writing and other tasks that require controlled movements and hand-eye coordination. When the kids paint​ they develop their small muscles in the fingers, hands, and wrists.

2. Self-expression

A white canvas means unlimited possibilities. The visualization helps them to express their impressions of the world. They are able to communicate via art their ideas, thoughts, and feelings that they do have not the words to talk about.

3. Math and concepts

The​ art activities proved to develop the children's visual-spatial ability​ and their​ problem-solving skills. Furthermore, children learn about different shapes, patterns​ they are counting, measuring out, and estimate.​ 

4. Cognitive development

The drawing develops the skills of organising & planning. When they cut out a shape they understand the cause and effect. During the art process, they also practice critical thinking skills and visualize the artwork of what they intend to create, and follow their plan.

5. Creativity

A process-oriented art project gives opportunities for making choices, coming to conclusions, and replans. When they use a wide range of materials and techniques, they automatically start to try out new combinations and ideas. Hey, there are many more reasons for your kids to do art that will improve child development

At Creative Town every wednesday, kids can join the A​rt Club​ Eindhoven in english.Kids can learn new art techniques and develop individually​ different skills​ week by week.


Dora Popella

Designer I Artist I Teacher

Member of International Creative Women


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