With these tips you'll sleep like a baby

Do you also have those moments when you just can't seem to get to sleep? You keep turning over and over and the hours tick by. Here are some tips to help you sleep better.

-Drinking and eating

You should not eat (too much), or drink caffeine or alcohol two hours before sleeping. What you can drink is milk or soy milk, for example. This contains tryptophan, which releases serotonin and improves your quality of sleep. Chamomile tea also works for a good night's sleep. 



Scents could also help you get to sleep better. In one study, participants woke up more alert and had more energy because of lavender oil. A scent that also help is chamomile, which can reduce stress. 


-Don't look at the clock

If you keep looking at what time it is on your alarm clock or cell phone it will only make you frustrated because you can't sleep. Try not to look at the alarm clock so you don't know how long you have been awake. 


-Don't look at screens

Although it's difficult and not really realistic, you should stop looking at screens an hour before you go to sleep. Do you find that too difficult? Then it would be smart to at least stop looking at your cell phone when you are in bed.


-Sleeping in the heat

Next week will probably be warmer, so your bedroom will be hot again. Turning over for hours and throwing off blankets, but still not being able to sleep in the end. Make sure you close your curtains and blinds. That way it's less likely to get hot in your room. And open the windows when it has cooled down for fresh air. Don't forget to turn off electrical appliances too, because they also give off heat. 


Hopefully these tips will help so you can be well rested again! 

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