WIN: Cross-Stitched Words, a collection of prose-poems by Chaitali Sengupta.

Chaitali Sengupta is a volunteer journalist for one of our partners, Eindhoven News. Recently Chaitali’s first prose poem collection “Cross- Stitched words” (Setu publication, Pittsburgh, USA) was published.

Chaitali is a published writer, translator, language teacher, and volunteer journalist (Eindhoven News) from the Netherlands. Her published works include two translations of the works by upcoming Bengali author Susmita Saha- “Quiet whispers of our heart” and “A thousand words of heart”.

Her poems have also been anthologized in many international collections and she writes for many print and online journals, both in India and in the Netherlands. Besides, she is associated with several social work organizations in both countries and works for social causes. 

Chaitali gives away a copy of "Cross-Switched Words" Let us know by June 15th if you would like to be the lucky winner and we'll pick one from the entrants.


The book "Cross-Stiched Words" is a fantastic book of Chaitali. All the poems are equally beautiful, enriched with literary values and heart drenching emotions. Loved the book very much. I recommend it to all poetry lovers for their personal collection. 

Cross Stitched Words, A collection of prose-poems, written by Chaitali Sengupt is very  nice book. There are around 45 poems in this book. When I was reading these poems, I felt very thoughtful.. There is one poem name "Roots" I love it.. It's so amazing....

Best wishes to the Poet.

Thank you.

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