Why it feels like internationals are leaving

Not being able to travel has made a big difference in the lives of internationals all over the world. A lot of internationals move all over the world throughout their career, enjoying different cultures along the way. Not being able to travel made that a lot harder and people found themselves not being able to leave after their studies ended or their project was done. 


People were unable to travel to their next destination to start a new job and Internationals planning to move here had to put it on hold. Some internationals were able to keep working at their current company or find a comparable job elsewhere. But a lot of students for example were forced to take on jobs delivering food or cleaning. While waiting for the world to open up. 


With the end of the lockdown hopefully in sight in a few months, internationals are making plans to travel to their next adventure. And companies are slowly seeing more job applications come in from Internationals hoping to move here.


With countries opening up at a different pace and The Netherlands still being very conservative on welcoming new internationals, it may seem like there are more people leaving rather than coming here. But I am sure as regulations will get less strict we will be welcoming a lot of new friends to our country.

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