What happens to the red voting pencils?

Normally there was a red pencil in the box, now everyone got one for themselves.  One day after the election, the question is isn't ''who did you vote for?'' but ''did you take that pencil?''

Returned pencils 

Many people were asked to turn in their pencils in a bin. Those pencils are recycled or used again in the next election after being cleaned. Other voting stations don't have enough pencils and disinfect them after each vote for reuse. 



People who did get to take the red pencil home have placed it on Marktplaats. Prices range from self-bids to 5,000 euros. The pencils are described as 'vintage', 'feels great in the hand' and 'only used once'. 



In Rotterdam, the municipality wants to collect 90,000 pencils for a work of art on low literacy. 


Who knows, your red pencil might be worth something too, but otherwise it's just a nice little souvenir.


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