Typical things you have to do on King's Day

In exactly one week, it will be King's Day. On King's Day, or Queen’s Day, we celebrate the birthday of our head of state. And we celebrate it with all kinds of food, festivals and fun markets.

The celebration began as Princes' Day when Queen Wilhelmina was little. Games were played and streets were decorated. When Wilhelmina became queen, it became Queen's Day. This was followed by Queen Juliana, Beatrix and now King Willem-Alexander.


Street markets

Almost every town or village has its own street market. People put all kinds of stuff down that they no longer use and sell it. Another part of a market is haggling: we want to get things as cheap as possible.


Tasty pastries

Once we get home from the street fair, we eat a delicious tompouce. The tompouce is a typical pastry that we have all eaten at some point during King's Day. The pastry is normally pink, but on King’s Day it's orange. There are also plenty of other cookies and pastries that we eat on this day, which are of course also orange.


Royal visits to cities

Every year the royal family visits a different city in the Netherlands. They take a route through the city and participate in fun activities, like musical performances and games. This year the family is going to visit Eindhoven!


Red, white, blue and orange

The flag and pennant go out for the king and we all wear red, white, blue and/or orange.


King's Day is a fun day every year that we celebrate together with friends and family. With delicious cakes, markets and music, we always make it something special.

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