Tempura is a Japanese dish that revolves around a very specific batter. Vegetables, meat, seafood and even fruit get dipped in the tempura batter and deep fried for a short time.

tempura prawns


The batter is made with flour, ice cold water and sometimes an egg or even baking powder. It’s only mixed for a short time so the gluten do not bind together and form a solid dough. The ice cold water also keeps the battery light and keeps the batter from soaking up too much oil. This way you get crispy airy tempura.


There are endless variations of filling and batter. Flour can also be swapped for cornstarch or rice flour. We mostly know tempura as a nice crunchy coat for deep fried prawns but you can be as creative as you want with it! Pumpkin, broccoli, eggplant and even shiso leaves make for a great tempura dish! It’s a fun and versatile snack that can be easily made at home! Not to mention deep frying vegetables keeps the vitamins in them, rather than losing a lot of "the good stuff"to the boiling water.


If you are feeling like having a big serving of tempura after this article, please click below for an easy tempura recipe! 



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