Today is April Fool's day! On this day you can fool everyone and play the weirdest pranks!



Are you going to put some salt in your colleague's coffee? Or wrap your grapes in chocolate paper so that it looks like an Easter egg? The great thing about this day is that you are constantly on your guard and, above all, you question a lot.

Throughout the years, a lot of great jokes have been created and below you will find the most crazy April Fool's Day jokes. Who knows, maybe you'll find something to do next year!


Dogkini Collection

In 2019, lingerie chain Hunkemöller announced to start selling a bikini line for dogs: the Dogkini Collection. A video showed how the dogs in a specially tailored bikini fooled everyone!


Bringing the mummy to life

In 1993, NOS Jeugdjournaal told children that they were going to bring a mummy back to life. The reactions were different, some children were scared to death and others couldn't be calmed down anymore!



On 1 April 1986, a BMW car advertisement appeared about their newest car. This car could drive in Europe and Great Britain. This because the car would have pedals on both sides and a removable steering wheel. So the steering wheel could be placed on both sides. I think there are enough car enthusiasts out there who would definitely have wanted to test drive it.


Upside down

In 2009, YouTube announced that they were going to invite some users to enjoy a new 'viewing experience'. This meant that the entire layout, with video that the user was watching at that moment, would be upside down. Not very easy viewing, it seems.

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