Things you recognize when you have to work when the weather is nice

Or do you have a free afternoon?


This week the weather is suddenly lovely! Nice and warm and perfect to sit on the terrace with a nice big glass of beer. The staff will make sure you have a great afternoon. But do you ever think about the staff on a day like this? What do they think when they have to work on such a beautiful day? That is why I made a list of what you think when you have to work on such a beautiful day as today.


Asking permission to have a day off

All your friends have been asking you for days whether you can ask for time off to do something fun. Unfortunately, they don't understand that you should have announced this well in advance. You can’t call your boss and say: “hey I want to lie in the sun tomorrow”. Not the best reason I think.


No social media

Those lovely cocktails on the beach, ice creams and everyone in bikinis. You don't really want to see it. On days like that, everyone posts 100 photos on Instagram, while you're eating your sandwich in the cafeteria.


"Go to the shop"

You've been working hard all day and then you read in the group app that people ask you to go to the shop for some extra meat for the BBQ.


The big question

The day after comes the big question: "What did you do yesterday in the nice weather?". You'd rather not come to work on this day so that you can miss all those great stories.


Good luck with work today and we will be thinking of you! 

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