These EC actions were everywhere

We are flooded with advertisements for the European Championship. Companies are trying to come up with all kinds of things so that customers come to them for their purchases for the EC. From food that is now also in orange to capes.


Supermarkets are always coming up with something you can get in exchange for a full savings card. Things that make you think: 'Why would anyone ever want those?' But still you see Orange fans walking around with them. The Jumbo now has a cape and the Lidl has bright orange products, with the accompanying irritating advertising of course. Years ago these promotions were also very popular, like the WK Wuppies (a small fluffy ball with a tail, feet and eyes).



Singles are also often released for the European or World Cup, such as 'Viva Hollandia'. And this year André Hazes came with ‘Wij zijn Oranje’. Both are used in an advertisement this year. 


Bavaria dresses

For the World Cup in 2010 in South Africa, Bavaria introduced orange dresses. There was some commotion about this, because during a match between Denmark and the Netherlands, women who wore these dresses were removed from the stadium. It was not allowed by FIFA, because Bavaria was not a sponsor of the World Cup.



In 2010, we often heard the noise this wind instrument makes during the World Cup. There was much commotion about it, because commentators complained about the noise. For the television viewers it was also an irritating sound, so the NOS had also turned down the stadium sound. 


Whether you like soccer or not, every World Cup or European Championship, we are bombarded with it. Although the commercials can sometimes be irritating, it remains a fun time where everyone is proud of our country. 

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