There are plans to renew the De Heuvel!

New plans for the shopping center De Heuvel were presented Tuesday night. According to the plans it will look completely different and the name will also be changed to 'De Heuvelkwartier & De Muziekberg'.

The shopping center, located in the center of Eindhoven, currently has covered passages. But that's going to be changed to open streets. The roof of the Heuvel will look like a city park. The building of the Muziekgebouw will be freestanding and the Effenaar will be on top of it. 


What de Heuvel looks like now

You've probably walked through it many times. The shopping center is big: it has three floors and four entrances. It is a great place to shop, because there are plenty of clothing stores, shoe stores and jewelers. In addition, there are also stores where you can enjoy a meal. And the Music Building and the casino are also in this shopping center. Enough fun things to do!



Changes for the shopping center have been talked about for some time. Last year the city council, the province, CBRE and the Muziekgebouw concluded an agreement. The agreement states that the Heuvel should be converted into an 'attractive residential area for all sections of the population where living, working, shopping, culture and meetings merge in a modern form'.

But it turns out that it's not certain that the plans will actually be realized at all. For example, there is no financial basis yet. 


At the end of this year there should be more clarity about the plans. The city council will then decide whether the project will actually go through. So we have to wait, but of course we are already very curious about how it will turn out! 

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