Theaterlab, the ultimate place to bond with your fellow audience member

Do you want to be part of the theatre experiment and at the same time start a circle of new friends from various cultures? Hop on and visit the Theaterlab!

Behind the scenes, together with the audience

You may think that everything behind the scenes stays behind closed doors, but their experiments take a different approach. It is quite the opposite: the audience is invited to work with them behind the scenes. “With these experimental performances we are doing, we would like to contribute to the expats and internationals in Eindhoven. It does not matter which background you have or even the language you are speaking. The main goal is to make theatre, together with the audience. This shared experience is what binds the individuals together. I think that making theatre is a creative way of connecting with each other. When they are creating the scene together with us”, said actress and theatre maker Ineke Noordhuizen, creator of Theaterlab. 

Director and theatre maker Geert Niland could not agree more. “This format of theatre making brings the spectators together so that they can explore. The excitement of exploring this experiment. It is amazing to know the perspectives -a different view- of the crowd. Every culture has its different outlook on situations. In that way we create a play that even I cannot come up with”. 

This theatre event is set in a respectable corona proof workspace. The one and only rule they have is not to call someone on stage. “We do not want to put the public on the spot. All they have to do is to sit down, enjoy and re-act. That is our motto”, according to Noordhuizen.   

With this concept they are working with different performers. Each day is a different experience, so you will never be disappointed!

These experiments take place on October 14th, November 18th and lastly December 16th at 7:30pm in Micro lab Eindhoven. The bar opens at 7pm. Reservations can be made through and costs are 10 euros. Go for more information to


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