The sun is shining: don't forget to protect yourself!

The last few days we have had great weather. We're all going to enjoy it outside, because soon it will be over! But we have to make sure that we are well protected from the sun.

The shade

When you're in the sun, you may want stay in it to enjoy it to the max! Still, it's important to seek shade sometimes. Between noon and 3 p.m., the sunshine is the strongest, so that's when it's best to sit in the shade sometimes. 



You may not be a fan of the hat or bucket hat, but that will protect your skin and hair. Hair is easily forgotten, but the sun can dry it out or make it greasier if your hair is oily. Also, if you've dyed your hair, it can cause the color to fade faster.


Use sunscreen (of course)

By being in the sun too much, our skin might age faster or we can even get skin cancer. So in order to prevent that, we need to apply sunscreen properly! Although it seems a bit time consuming you should apply sunscreen every two hours. In fact, some say that you should actually always apply sunscreen, even in the winter. 



You see it written on sunscreen all the time, but what does it really mean? SPF stands for Sun Protection Factor. Which SPF you need also depends on your skin type. Do you get sunburnt quickly or not? There are a total of 6 skin types. If you have a light skin that gets sunburned quickly, an SPF of 30 or higher is recommended. If you have dark skin and do not get sunburned easily, 10-15 is already enough. You need about 7 teaspoons of sunscreen for your whole body. 


So go out and get that vitamin D, but make sure you have enough protection! 

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