The Netherlands in 55.000 words
by Biswas Amit

Biswas Amit is the author of the book “Logo Land” (ISBN: 9789462264106). Biswas was born and raised in Bangladesh. He moved to the Netherlands in 2011 for pursuing his Masters’ study in Maastricht and is currently living in Eindhoven.

Logo Land takes a look into the origin and meaning of logos of all the municipality logos in
the Netherlands. The Netherlands is home to 352 municipalities at this moment. Every
municipality is unique and so is every story behind every logo. This book will offer a
unique combination of insight into Dutch logo design and unknown stories about our
country in 55,000 words. Book lovers can travel through the past and present of the
Netherlands and get to know all the hidden stories about this country through the logo,
design and brand identity.

It took Biswas more than four years to find contextual information and write the book.
This is a unique book which preserves all municipality logo design and their contextual
information. Such a book has never been written before in Dutch history. The book was
published by renowned publisher Lecturis (based in Eindhoven) and has also been
featured in various Dutch newspapers and media channels such as de Volkskrant,
Reformatorisch Dagblad, and Omroep Zeeland Radio, RTV Drenthe, VNG Magazine, FRITS
magazine and many more.

You can discover more about this project here:
Amit Biswas, Logo Land (English language) Lecturis; 216 pages, € 27,50.

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