The end of the ov-chipkaart is in sight

The era of the ov-chipkaart is almost over. The new payment system should make it easier and faster to travel.

Translink, the company that distributes the OV-chipcards, is working on OVpay. Starting next year, the OVpay will allow us to check in with a debit card and smartphone and should replace the OV-chipkaart. 



This year 60,000 gates will be adjusted so they can also be used with OVpay. The new payment system should make it easier, faster and safer to travel. It will also be more attractive to people who do not travel by public transport often, they will not have to buy an OV chip card. Translink says it is also working on combos with museums, theaters, events and shared cars and bicycles, so people can use a QR code to go out by train, bus, streetcar and metro. 


The first trial of the new system is in Lelystad. Discounts and subscriptions can't be used yet and passengers are asked to give feedback. The OV-chipkaart can probably be used until 2023, but that depends on any issues that come up during the test phase. 

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