The big comeback of the long time-hated Crocs!

Have you ever had them?


Crocs, you either hate them or love them. The rubbery shoes with holes and best of all with socks in them. Beautiful, right?  According to CEO Andrew Rees the call for Crocs has never been bigger. But why?



Crocs have been in the picture for years and the footwear keeps surprising us. Whether it is purple with orange dots or you put the special pins in the holes designated for it, everything is possible. But are they really stylish? The opinions are strongly divided on this.



But why is it that this trend is now suddenly back? It is assumed that it is because we’re working from home. Because of this, we no longer feel the need to wear shoes but we do prefer to have something more than just socks on our feet. We have also become more practical, which Crocs definitely are.



As we all know, trends continue to come and go. But why does a trend become a trend? A while ago, Justin Bieber sent a pair to Victoria Beckham, but Victoria was not really interested. With the benefit of hindsight, she should have reacted a bit more enthusiastically if we have to believe the numbers. After all, Crocs has already realized a turnover of 381 million euros in the first quarter. A huge amount! That' s even 64% more than last year. 


But it is not only Justin Bieber and Post Malone who wear the beautiful Crocs, Crocs are also gaining popularity in the Netherlands! Bas Smit, the husband of the one and only Nicolette van Dam, has a lot of the rubber footwear as well! 


I still need to be convinced to buy Crocs and actually wear them. Are you already convinced?

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