The best fun facts about Eindhoven!

We love Eindhoven and Eindhoven loves us!


Fun facts, who doesn't like them? You will always have something fun to tell at the coffee machine. In an article about De Bergen and Strijp - S you could already find a few fun facts, but there are so many more! That is why I have made a list below with the funniest fun facts about Eindhoven!


Eindhoven is the greenest city of the five largest cities in the Netherlands.

In the past weeks, partly due to the elections, we have heard a lot about the climate and how important it is. That is why we can proudly say that Eindhoven is certainly doing its part!


DAF stands for Van Doorne's Aanhangwagenfabriek (trailer factory).

DAF, super well-known and who would have thought this would be the case?  I am definitely going to remember this one!


King Willem-Alexander has been Baron of Eindhoven since he was crowned.

Our one and only king, how special is that? Would he be drinking a beer in Stratum during Carnaval?


Special designer in Strijp - S

The fact that Strijp-S is a lovely place to walk through is common knowledge, but have you ever noticed the Leidingstraat? It was designed by Piet Oudolf. Now that might not mean much to you, but this man also made the plans for the New York High Line. Pretty cool, right?


The route of lights

This is personally my favorite! In the early days after the war, the people of Eindhoven wanted to show that the light had returned to the city. After several attempts to put candles in the window, it was decided in 1947 to light fire points. Over the years, more and more fire points were added, until it was a route of 40 kilometers! It stopped in 1969, only to return again in 1984, this time with lights. The route has been 22 kilometers long for years and can be enjoyed from 18 September to 14 October. Wonderful thought!


Want to bet that these facts will teach your colleagues a thing or two during the next lunchbreak?

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