The art of making architecture

The art of making architecture - Crossroads between visual arts, social science, photography and architecture in exhibition at the Albert van Abbehuis

Model by Rob Voerman
Model by Rob Voerman

The boundaries of art, design, architecture and urban planning are continuously being explored in the space between architecture and visual arts.

Visual artist Rob Voerman and photographer Hans Wilschut entered into a dialogue with Eindhoven architects Ralph Brodrück & Renato Kindt, Jan Schevers and Wouter Hilhorst & Hyukjin Kang.

The results is a convergence of the conceptual attitude of an engineer and the intuitive approach of an artist. This blurring of boundaries reveals a sensitivity in material research and experiment. This method of collaboration makes the analytical process coincide with a finding process, an interaction between the experience of making and the reflection of thinking. In it all, the importance of things does not lie in the objects themselves, but arises from our relationship with and between them.

Those Crossroads between visual arts, social science, photography and architecture 
are currently compiles in an exhibition at the Albert van Abbehuis. This project is in collaboration with the TU/e and over 55 Architecture Master students have joined with their experimental works.

All architects and artists, whose collaborative projects are shown in this exhibition, see their studio as a laboratory, an annex workshop where numerous methods are developed and tested against the practice of cultural production. What the laboratory is to a scientist, the workshop is to an architect and artist. Where chance and wonder go hand in hand with the failures and results of experiments. Where the function of criticism is preserved. It is a place for active exchange between professionals and students and future users. By combining these architects and artists, we combine thinking about and commenting on society.

And so, you are invited to explore architecture's (visual)identity with the participating architects, artists and students at the Albert van Abbehuis until the 17th of July, every Thursday to Sunday 1pm-5pm.

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