Some crazy rules in Eindhoven

Which ones do you know?


In Eindhoven there are definitely special rules. But which ones do you know? I was surprised by some of them and that is why I made a list with the craziest rules!


Forbidden to poop

It is forbidden to take a dump in a built-up area. If you are taking your dog for a walk, it is of course allowed to do its business, but you as the owner will have to wait until you get home. Article 4:8 says that you have to relieve yourself in the designated areas and we keep to this rule.


No peeking allowed

According to article 2:53 peeping at the neighbors is forbidden! I think the majority of people are guilty of this, because how nice is it to take a look inside that beautiful interior of the new neighbors?


Threshold ban

In the City of Light, it is forbidden to sit or lie on a threshold. So, if you come back from a night out or from the terrace, I would take this into consideration. You should also remember not to sit or lie on the doorstep of a doorman or cash machine. You can find it all in Article 2:49.


No camping allowed

Do you like camping? Do you enjoy pitching your tent and taking off with a gas stove? Well, then you can forget spending the night in your tent or caravan in Eindhoven. According to article 4:18 it is forbidden to camp in the wilderness of the city. So, I guess you have to find another place to stay with your tent or caravan. 


So now you know a bit more about the somewhat crazy rules that apply here in Eindhoven. For more rules you can always have a look at APV Eindhoven 

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