Small Odysseys; an art project by Marina Provatidou; creating bridges between Dutch and Greek culture.

The project aims to explore the culture of international exchange in the arts, printmaking, photography, video art, poetry, performance. The “Small Odysseys' ' are presented at the same time as a journey but also as a meeting place for creators, poets and society.

The project organized a double exhibition entitled “Small Odysseys”. Seventeen artists from Thessaloniki region and seventeen from the region Eindhoven have made work inspired by the theme “Small Odysseys”.  The artists express their personal experiences and at the same time identify with the spectators. They inspire, approach, and interpret the subject freely.  In total more than 150 works will be on display. 

This exhibition highlights these multifaceted experiences of Greek and Dutch artists. The artists experiment with different methods and techniques of photoengraving and narrate their "Small Odysseys" through symbolic images.

The Dutch exhibition will take place in the newly reopened Albert van Abbehuis at Bilderdijklaan 19 in Eindhoven from 6th November - 12th December 2021. In Thessaloniki the exhibition location will be the “Old Archaeological Museum”  from 11th March - 30th April 2022

Curator:          Marina Provatidou                                                                               

PR & Design:  Anne Yianni       

Management: Rob Verhaar                                                                                      

IT:                   Harry Diakatos 


The Albert van Abbehuis is open from Thursday to Sunday from 13.00-17.00. For more information see our website or the website of the Albert van Abbehuis;

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