Silly things on social media that we participate in anyway

We all know we shouldn't spend that much time on social media, but it's still good entertainment. And even though we sometimes get annoyed with Snapchat, we keep using it. Here are some silly things we do on social media.

Streaks on Snapchat

You accidentally got a streak on Snapchat with someone, so you keep sending that person a snap every day. Then suddenly you have a streak of 100 days and you don't want to give it up. But suddenly the streak is gone, you're bummed for a moment but eventually you realize that now you don't have to think about that nonsensical streak every day.


Locations on Snapchat

Another unnecessary feature on Snapchat.  We allow the app to use our location so people we've added can see where we are. Very creepy actually. Why would you need to see where I am?


Who watched my Instagram Story?

Did anyone vote on my poll? Who clicked through without voting? Is anyone going to comment? When we've posted something on our Story we immediately check to see if people have seen it. And if they don't vote on our polls, we wonder why they haven't.



TikTok first seemed like it was for little kids who liked to dance, but we saw a lot of TikToks passing by on Instagram and decided to create an account ourselves. Turns out it wasn't all that bad, because on TikTok we actually came across the funniest videos and we totally got addicted to the app.


Do you recognize yourself in this as well?

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