With our current covid measures, some of us rather want to stay inside all day and we don’t want to go out for groceries as that’s probably the only thing we can go out for. And for every problem there is a solution! We’ll give you a few options so you can have your groceries be delivered at home! 

If you download the Picnic app, which is available on IOS and Android, you can order nearly all groceries you would need to have delivered at home. Picnic has certain times they deliver in your neighbourhood so you can always expect it to be on time. Ordering can be done from above 35 euros. 

Flink is a super fast grocery delivery service. Flink promises that they deliver all groceries within 10 minutes. Flink also claims to be having the same prices as stores like Jumbo, Albert Heijn and Plus. Check it out! 

Albert Heijn
Most of you probably shop for groceries at Albert Heijn, as it is the most common supermarketchain in our country. If you want to shop Albert Heijn products from home, that’s also possible! They deliver at home if you order for €50! or over 

Plus Express
Another big grocery store in our beautiful country is the Plus. They also deliver all kinds of fresh groceries at home within 2 hours! All of the prices are the same, you only need to pay extra for the delivery costs.

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