Why this Netflix documentary is catching everyone's attention.


The last few days I have been hearing more and more about it, Seaspiracy. The new Netflix documentary that's been keeping us busy for a few days now. The documentary shows what the troubled fishing world looks like. Ali Tabrizi, creator of the popular documentary explains why he finds this so incredibly important. Netflix describes, "A filmmaker with a passion for oceans shows how much damage humans are causing to marine species." This is going to be interesting!


But what exactly is the documentary about?

Seaspiracy shows a lot. It was originally made to show the beauty of the ocean. During filming, Ali found out that the ocean is not as wonderful as he thought. The impact of mankind is very clear to see and it brings problems with it. Besides the 150 million tons of plastic floating in the ocean, there is also a lot of damage caused by commercial fishing.


As mentioned, the documentary shows a lot about the fishing world. For example, there are strong statements such as "If ships are in the middle of the sea and there are problems, they can throw you overboard." Besides the statements, it is also clearly mentioned that making the documentary is very dangerous and involves many risks.


The documentary is not meant for viewers who cannot stand violent images, such as images of wounded dolphins and whales. Many call the documentary a real eye-opener. It also shows how fish is hardly or not at all bred in an animal-friendly way and slavery is still a problem for both animals and people.


Many viewers have indicated that they look differently at the fishing world after watching Seaspiracy. According to them, there is only one solution to these problems, such as the hunt for whales and dolphins, slavery at sea and corrupt commercial fishing: stop eating fish.


Are you going to watch this documentary on Netflix?

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