Part 2.
An afternoon back in time!

As you could read in the previous article, Cailynn and I went to the preHistorisch Dorp. In this article you can read more about our nice afternoon in the open-air museum! If you missed the first article, go ahead and read it!


As you could read earlier, there is a lot to do at the preHistorisch Dorp. Our guided tour by Mellanie started at the beginning: the Stone Age. From there we moved on to other times such as the Bronze and Iron Ages. It was very interesting!


In the museum, there are several spice gardens, which are kept up by local volunteers. Besides the growing historic plants and herbs, the villagers create various objects themselves as well, such as iron art by the blacksmith, leather sachets from the hunter-gatherer or soaps by the medieval crafts lady. They sell these things in the gift shop, how cool!


Normally, the museum would be buzzing with visitors and it sounds like a real lively village. In this case, we were just with the three of us and it was a lot more quiet. The animals weren’t as quiet as us though!! The chickens, cats, and geese roaming the grounds did provide some life, along with the new pigs who have only just arrived!


After visiting the animals, we went to the raft and played a game from the Eighty Years' War: throwing stones. So crazy that this really used to be done a lot! Just like stilt walking or ring tossing.


As you can read, we had a very nice afternoon. Now the question is when the village will reopen. We hope it will be soon, so we can sit around the campfire, listen to the villagers and even go canoeing in a dug out wooden canoe!


Check out our HOWDO Eindhoven  and HOWDOmagazine to see the cool video we made and make sure to check out preHistorisch Dorp !

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