Part 1.
An afternoon back in time!

Spear throwing, baking delicious bread, canoeing, how much fun does this sound? Go back in time for a little while, about 15,000 years! You can experience it all in the preHistorisch Dorp.



The preHistorisch Dorp, located in Eindhoven, is a fantastic open-air museum, completely dressed up in themes. You will come across several themes here, such as the Roman era or the Eighty Years' War. What makes the museum so much fun is that there are real villagers walking around who can tell you everything about the time in which they lived! 


Besides listening to the stories that are told around the campfires, you can get involved in historic activities yourself. There are different huts where you can bake bread with the villagers or you can learn to shoot with bow and arrow in the time of the Vikings.


Last Friday, Cailynn and I were given a guided tour of the museum by Mellanie. A unique experience: it’s not often you receive a private tour and have a whole museum to yourself. Mellanie told us about the different time periods and showed us everything. Normally, the park would open in a few days, but due to the current situation, this is unfortunately not possible yet.


During the tour, Mellanie told us that during the week, the museum is mostly visited by schools. Cailynn and I recognized this, as we used to go canoeing here and could almost smell the campfire!


We had a very nice afternoon, learned many new things and got to meet the new pigs. During the tour we also took plenty of videos and photos which we would like to share with you, check out HOWDO Eindhoven (@howdo_eindhoven)


There will be another part about this cool museum, because I am still not finished talking about it! So the story will be continued!

Also take a look at their website!

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