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It is common knowledge that Dutch people are very into sports. We play football, swimming, cycling or tennis. As we discover a new sport, we are also very interested in it! Padel, for example, is becoming more and more popular among the sporty people.


But what is it exactly?

Padel is a combination sport where tennis and squash come together. In the Netherlands it is still quite new, but in Mexico and Spain it is already very popular. Padel is played in the open air on special Padel courts. Because it's a combination sport, you'll need different rackets and balls than you would use for tennis or squash.


Similar to tennis

Padel is a combination sport, but it is a bit more like tennis. Many tennis players switch to this sport. The technique requirements for Padel are lower compared to tennis, although there are advanced Padel players who can easily beat a tennis player.


Where do you play Padel?

Padel is played outdoors, usually 2 against 2, which is more fun. You play on a court of 10 x 20 meters. The Padel court looks like a regular tennis court but it has walls all around. On the side and back, the walls are made of glass and you can use them to hit the ball.


Rules of the game

Because the sport is very similar to tennis, the point count is also the same. The serve begins with an underhand stroke. The first serve is on the right side of the Padel court. The goal is to hit the ball diagonally into the service box. The ball must first bounce and only then may the opponent hit it back. The ball must always bounce in the opponent's service box before it can hit back.


Would you like to try paddling? Have a look to see if there is a track near you and go and play!

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