Networking is more than connecting people.

Last month HOWDO Magazine was launched at the inspiring DOMUSDELA where Sandra Luz Pitalúa Cárdenas met Anjo Alders.

Together with Daan Hagemeier they brainstormed on ideas to bring others together. They developed a great concept: Let’s celebrate Mother's Day by giving to all moms a special and unique memory!

Join them for a special evening, at DOMUSDELA, where mom and daughter/son spend time together arranging the most beautiful flowers from Sandra Luz's collection and work on a stunning creation. And, to make the evening even more enjoyable and delicious, the team from Brasserie Rita is ready to spoil you culinarily during the workshop with a festive snack and a drink.

Reserve the date: Friday, May 12th. 19:00hrs

For more information or to register, visit ➡️ or


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