National Museum Week is happening this week and here's some things you can do!


Between 19 and 25 April, it is National Museum Week. Just like last year, this week has a specific theme, which is freedom. Everything that has to do with our freedom is on the program. Also just like last year, this edition is digital and they know how to deal with this in Eindhoven!


Since this week is digital, you will experience unique virtual tours and there will be exclusive workshops. How exciting is it to enjoy the city again and to lose yourself in the culture of Eindhoven with its beautiful art. There are several things to do in Eindhoven during this week.


What is there to see and do in Eindhoven?

You can join a live virtual tour through the history of Philips in the Philips Museum. It’s super fascinating and fun to experience! You could attend an online lecture from the Van Abbemuseum and MU has an online expo about organic art and design. 12 artists will take you into another world by showing you speculative, daring and eccentric works of art. 


For the children there will be something fun too, of course. The PreHistorisch Dorp has several workshops, such as making pots of clay or learning how to make butter. 


Not only Eindhoven has various activities this week, throughout the Netherlands various fun things are organized. For children there are different Escape Games, loads of fun! There are also workshops with cool things you can do at home with the family, for example making assignments from an activity book. Furthermore, there are lockdown challenges and several virtual tours in the house of Anne Frank.


So, if you're not sure what to do this weekend? Then have a look at Museumweek | Museum/nl\ for more information about the activities! 

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