Mosquitos are back: facts and myths about this annoying insect

Now that the weather is getting warmer we're getting bothered by insects again, you can hardly go for a walk without all kinds of bugs landing on your face and hair. But the most annoying of all is of course the mosquito. We have listed all the facts and myths about the mosquito.

Fact: only female mosquitoes sting.

We are only stung by the females. They find their victims because they smell carbon dioxide. So that's why mosquitoes mainly circle around your head. Your body odor and body temperature also play a role.


Myth: citronella and high-pitched sounds help against mosquitoes

When we think of repelling mosquitoes, we immediately think of citronella. But this doesn't actually help against mosquitoes either, because the smell quickly dissipates. Apps that make high-pitched noises to scare mosquitoes also do nothing. They have never been shown to repel them.


Fact: there are more mosquitoes near still water

If you live near a pond or puddle, chances are you are more bothered by mosquitoes. There is little you can do about that. But in your own garden you can make sure that there is no standing water, such as in gutters or buckets. Because mosquitoes lay eggs in there and then the larvae grow there.


Myth: mosquitoes are useless

You probably think that those mosquitoes are not good for anything and only cause itchy bumps. But they can also be useful for us: the gnat (a type of mosquito) is very important for pollination of the cocoa plant. So if all the mosquitoes died out, there would be no (or almost no) chocolate.

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