Living in the Netherlands, where should you pay attention to?

You want to move to the Netherlands to work here and to fully enjoy life. We think you are absolutely right!



Eindhoven is a very nice city, which was named the smartest city in the world in recent years. The city is sportive, cultural and has enough shops, which is very interesting for expats. But unfortunately, lately there has been a problem, expats are being cheated more and more. 


Before they leave for the Netherlands, their stay seems to be well arranged. However, when they arrive at their accommodation in the city, it turns out they have been scammed. They have paid a large amount of money for an accommodation that, upon arrival, is in use by other people. To prevent this problem, I have a few tips that might help you!


Tip 1

Make sure you are well informed. There is nothing more important than reading the small print, especially when it comes to a property. Have other people read along as well, they might see something you overlooked.


Tip 2 

Make sure you visit decent sites, so you have something to rely on. Sites like IamExpat in the Netherlands can help you find a decent home.


Tip 3 

Make sure you don't have high expectations. Dutch builders are the best at building compact houses. You will often only find one bathroom and some even have washing machines in the kitchen. 


Tip 4 

In addition to housing sites, take a look at Home | Holland Expat Center South. Here, you can find a lot of information on immigration policy in the Netherlands, taxes and finding a job, among other topics. 


Tip 5

Go to events. This is currently online but just as interesting! A successful webinar might just give you that insight you may need. Chances are that you will also meet new people at these events. Fun!



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