Lichtjesroute 2020 will start tonight!

Tonight the lights of the Lichtjesroute will be lit. Every “Eindhovenaar” has a memory of the Lichtjesroute, as a kid on the back of your parents bicycle, walking to the Eendjesvijver(duckpond) watching the smurfs or driving the route with your grandparents.

The Lichtjesroute was started to celebrate the liberation of Eindhoven, and very literally be a light in the darkness. A beautiful way to remember, despite everything we are still living a really good life in freedom.


This year things will go a little different though, because of Corona the dancing smurfs will not be at the Eendjesvijver and the ceremony of lighting the freedom fire will not be a public event this year. This to keep the rules and regulations in order and keep everyone safe.


The rest of the route is as usual, and definitely a great way to spend time with your family in these odd times. From 18th of September to the 11th of October you can drive, cycle or walk the route. Weekend days are the busiest and there's a chance you will find more traffic than usual. 


The lights will be on from 19:00-22:30 from sunday to thursday

The lights will be on from 19:00-23:30 on friday and saturday


For a map of the route check out the link below:


HOWDO magazine will most definitely be enjoying the Lichtjes route, see you there!


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