You want to learn to skate? Or improve your skating by training? On ice in winter or inline in summer? And become a member of an active and sociable club? IJsclub Eindhoven (IJCE) is the club for speed-skating enthusiasts in the region. IJCE is not only active on the ice in the winter, IJCE also offers activities such as inline-skating, road cycling, mountain biking and boot camp in the summer and you can do short-track skating on the ice-hockey rink the whole year round. 

In the winter on Saturday and Sunday mornings and on Monday evening the 400 meter ice rink in the IJssportcentrum Eindhoven on the Anton Coolenlaan in Eindhoven is open only for IJCE members. You can improve your technique and endurance by participating in one of the various training groups. Of course, your instructors are experienced and certified trainers. 

If you are a beginner, you can learn to skate with IJCE. We have special instructors for this purpose. And when there is ice on the lakes and canals in The Netherlands, we will go skate touring and introduce you to this real Dutch winter activity.

IJCE welcomes everybody, whether you are a recreational or a competitive skater, experienced or just learning to skate, young or old. You can participate in skating competitions or skate for recreation when you are a member of IJCE. 

Competition skaters ride on the roofed 400 meter track on Monday evening and Saturday morning. The track is exclusively open to the training of the competitive skaters, ranging from juniors to seniors, on this particular hour. These trainings prepare for skate competitions.

A marathon group is practicing during the same training hours. The training is here aimed at endurance. You may have heard of the famous Dutch Elfstedentocht, a 200 kilometer tour on the frozen lakes and canals in the North of the Netherlands. This training group is a good preparation for this and similar tours. Apart from that there are also competitions for senior and juniors skaters on several ice rinks in the region.

IJsclub Eindhoven also offers short-track training. In small groups we train on the 30x60 meter track, both in winter and summer when there is ice provided. If you want to improve your cornering technique, please come and see what we have in store for you.

Activities for the younger skaters take place primarily on Saturday morning. 

IJsclub Eindhoven offers ice skating instruction for children. The younger ones learn to skate in groups while playing (on a covered 30x60 meter rink), the older and more experienced children skate on the 400 meter track. 

In the summer there are also plenty of sportive IJCE activities for you. You can stay in shape with our boot camp in the woods near Waalre. You can participate in our inline skating and bicycle groups. You will be optimally prepared for the ice season when the rink opens early October when you exercise with IJCE year round.

If you interested in what IJCE has to offer, you can find all info at (the English section of) our website at There, you will find links to participate in a  free introductory lesson or how to join our club in the ‘becoming a member’ menu. If you have any additional questions you can reach us at

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