How Mother's Day became a tradition

On May 9th, we're going to put our mothers in the spotlight. We spoil her with flowers and delicious food. This holiday has been around for a long time and we're going to explain to you where this tradition comes from. This holiday has been around for a long time and we are going to explain exactly where this tradition comes from.


Mother's Day already existed back in the days of Ancient Greece. This day was not to honor ordinary mothers, but to honor Rhea. Rhea is the mother of the gods.


The modern Mother's Day

Mother's Day as we know it today began in the United States. They first celebrated Mother's Day there in 1907. The idea came from Anna Jarvis. Her mother had a wish that there be a day to remember the good work of mothers. President Wilson made Mother's Day a national holiday every second Sunday in May in 1914. The date is not the same with every country, for example, the United Kingdom celebrates it on the fourth Sunday of the Fast. 


Mother's Day in the Netherlands

Around 1925, it also came to the Netherlands. The Royal Society for Horticulture and Botany introduced the day with campaigns that they hoped would boost flower sales in the Netherlands. And they succeeded, because flowers are still the most popular gift on Mother's Day. 

In addition, children craft homemade gifts at school on Mother's Day. They often include a poem. Many families give their mother a nice breakfast in bed, with flowers, croissants and gifts such as perfume. 


Don't forget to buy a nice gift or something tasty for your mom, because this Sunday it's Mothersday!

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