How are you doing, Monique? (Collaborative Podia Brainport Region)

Every company is dealing with the consequences of the Corona crisis. A number of our relations give his / her vision on the present and the future. A new interview every week. This interview is with Monique van den Berg, Project Leader Collaborative Podia Brainport Region.

What impact does corona have on the work you do? 

As a self-employed person, I already worked a lot from home and that has now become even more. Like many others, I have most contact with my clients through MS Teams. With that I already know quite a few living rooms. Within the projects that I approach, Corona also means a lot of adjustments and shifts. In my theater assignment (project leader of six collaborating stages from the Brainport region), for example, the entire 'digital stage' project was brought forward, because it enabled us to set up a number of digital activities within the corona period. A joint theater festival is shifting slightly backwards. In addition, I have a large (internal) communication assignment in higher education and I am mainly involved in digitization projects here. That has been accelerated by Corona. It means 'all hands on deck', ensuring that the education itself continues and making use of the flow.

Which changes due to Corona have you experienced as positive?

Many people know me as a nice energetic, creative (bit) chaotic. I can 'stuff' my days full and I quickly feel like 'missing something'. Corona has brought me a little more rest. Social life of course became a lot less and I notice that I can actually enjoy it if not every day is full of appointments. Now I consciously try to schedule more ‘empty’moments. So that I don't have to do anything or can make an appointment spontaneously. I try to keep that in mind in the post-corona era.

What do you personally want to be the first to do again when everything opens up again?

To dance! Now I dance in the living room with my kids, but that is really different. I am really looking forward to being on the dance floor with friends again while enjoying cool soul or disco classics or nice bad 80’s music. And ok..., a nice drink with it.

What is your best personal memory of 2020?

A friend had rescheduled her wedding due to Corona, but wanted to get married officially on the scheduled day. Nobody knew, and we found out by chance. As a surprise, I met her at the town hall with some friends. When she came out with her husband, we sprinkled pink blossoms from my backyard onto them, with the historic town hall of Den Bosch in the background. That moment was captured by a passing Volkskrant photographer, with whom we suddenly appeared full-page in the newspaper the next day.

Finally: which message do you want to give personally?

Enjoy the little things that are still out there and can be done. And by doing so, make a party of every day!

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