You’ve probably done it once in your life, making bread yourself. If you haven’t maybe today, the 17th of November, is the day you should do it as it’s Homemade Bread Day! And believe us, it can be so delicious and you can make it in many different ways! `

Most of us (especially in the Netherlands) eat bread every day. For us it doesn’t matter if it’s early in the morning or as an evening snack. A few years ago bread machines were very popular in our country and beyond, it was easy to use and the bread was delicious. Nowadays not many people have one of them and we think that’s a shame! 

On YouTube there are loads of videos of people explaining how you can make your own delicious bread. It’s actually pretty easy to do! In this 4 minute long video you will see how you can make your own bread. 

There are many recipes for bread, from white plain bread to whole grain breads. Even a meatloaf is a homemade ‘bread’! If you’ve watched the video above you can now make yourself a tasty bread. So here is a recipe for you, it only costs 50 minutes to make! 

We know you may not have the time or be in the mood to make yourself a bread, but we’re here to help so we will tip  you on one of the best bakeries we have in Eindhoven. Here you can buy all kinds of different fresh breads and also loads of pastries and little snacks as our ‘Brabants worstenbroodje’. And if you want to, there’s even a possibility to have lunch with a colleague or a friend!

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