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Flower Parade Valkenswaard is an event known far beyond our province. The 2019 edition attracted approximately 30,000 spectators and for the first time there was a special grandstand for expats to introduce this ever growing group to the parade.

Robin Wijnen, responsible for the PR & Communication of the parade, approached HOWDO Magazine with the question whether we knew of a Dutch-English speaking presenter for this specific group of visitors. Our partner, International Creative Women, came to the rescue and Melanie, one of their members, provided the international visitors with interesting and useful information. Peter van den Boogaard, being the presenter of the Corso for many years, enjoyed the cooperation and he indicated that he only wanted to present the next editions if it was together with Melanie…

Unfortunately Melanie was unable to attend this year, but once again there was a (successful) appeal to International Creative Women: Employees from NXP, the High Tech Campus based company with mainly international employees, will walk in a number of groups along the 18 dahlia objects. And two of ICW members, Donna and Fabiola, will provide the international visitor with the necessary English information.

So, if you’re visiting and you hear some enthusiastic English: say hello to Donna and Fabiola!!

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