HELP I want to live in a dorm, now what?

The registration period for universities of applied sciences has started and with universities of applied sciences many people immediately think of student rooms! But how easy is it and where do you start searching?


Living in a student house with a nice group of people who become your friends for life, how nice does that sound? In Eindhoven you will find many different student houses, so many that you sometimes don't know where to look. A good solution is to search via Facebook. There are several private groups where you can look at rooms every day. If there is a room that appeals to you, you can go to a viewing evening or a zoom meeting to see whether your future housemates will be a good match for you.


Find a room(mate) or house in Eindhoven - room(s) in Eindhoven is one of the private Facebook groups you can join. With their 24.3 thousands members they are a huge group. Because it is a closed group, you can get in via an invitation or you can send a message asking if you can be added. The group has a number of rules and as soon as you don't stick to them, you will be kicked out of the group. There is no discrimination and the group is for both Dutch and international students. Sounds super nice, right?


So I would say, take a look on Facebook and who knows, you might find a nice room where you can make new friends for life!

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