This delicious treat has been a  food favourite for many centuries. This hearty, cheesy dish originated in Italy around the 10th century and has made its way around the world. Creating new types of pizza along the way. Apart from the original Italian style pizza the US has many different pizza styles throughout the country, differing per state or even city!


The love for pizza is real, it’s one of the most popular fast foods around the world only being surpassed by the hamburger. They are sold in traditional Italian restaurants but also by international corporations like Domino’s. 


They are obviously also popular because they are super versatile. You can have a whole pizza delivered for your family or just walk into a deli and get yourself a delicious slice.Not to mention there are endless options when it comes to crusts, sauces and toppings. Although a pizza originally started out as a simple sort of flatbread there are many crust options today. Thin crust, pan pizza, cheesy crust or even sausage crust let your imagination run wild! 


With people wanting to live healthier, more sustainable, and with respect for the environment vegan pizzas have made a big uprise. A pizza is the perfect dish to make veganstyle. Crusts can be made without animal products and a lot toppings are plantbased to begin with. Well thank God for vegan cheese I guess.


So make sure to celebrate Pizzaday with a delicious soulwarming cheesy pizza while you relax. 

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