It is finally October! The scariest month of the year, but why? On October 31st we celebrate Halloween. But what is Halloween? the tradition started with the ancient Celtic festival of Samhain people lit bonfires and wore costumes to scare ghosts. Halloween is for most of the people still a tradition and celebrate it every year.

We celebrate Halloween to dress up spooky when the sun goes down, then we go from door to door and say, ‘’trick or treat’’ than the kids get some candy and then they continue their way to the next houses!

There is also another thing we love to do when it is Halloween, pumpkin carving! A pumpkin is the symbol of Halloween! This is because back in the days people thought that scary faces on pumpkins would scare the ghosts! And we still make the most beautiful works of art from a pumpkin!

In the Netherlands we don’t have that big Halloween party’s like in the USA, and we don't take it as big as other countries. But we also have some fun things with Halloween, you can go to the horror nights at different amusement parks like Toverland or Walibi. They are very fun and also very scary!

did you get scared yet?

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