Games have really become hot last year and we can see that!, Intertoys and many other shops that sell games have been working overtime these past few months because of the high demand of games! Understandable, because there are so many different kinds. You can play 'Mens Erger Je Niet' or a game of cards. Due to the large amount of choice, I have made a list with games that are really fun at the moment!


Phase 10

The goal of this card game is to be the first to pass all 10 phases. However, there is one condition: you must play a certain card combination in each round to pass the phase. If you do not succeed in achieving this, you may not proceed to the next phase. The players who pass the phases will, of course, proceed to the next phase. As long as you do not pass the phase, you will remain in it, so it can get pretty exciting!


Keer op Keer

Keer op Keer is a dice and puzzle game which is fun for the whole family. You may always choose 2 dice and mark the matching squares on your game sheet. As soon as you can mark the columns and areas of the same colours, you will even get bonus points! This game has several game sheets, so you definitely won't get bored!



This is somewhat similar to Keer op Keer because of the dice and game sheets. Only with Qwixx, you don't have to wait for your turn, everyone can use the dice. The more numbers you mark on your game sheet, the more points you get! This game is so easy to explain and it remains exciting until the end, because anything can happen.


I am definitely a fan of these games and you?

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