FeelGood Market:
Yes, we're open!

"Of course we're happy that we can host our market again", says Priya van Breugel, together with Advait Bryers organizers of the FeelGood Market. "But unfortunately only 2 days ago we got the definite permission for organizing today, so there wasn't time enough to do our normal promotion. Nevertheless, it's good to see that so many people turned up."

For those who don't know: the FeelGood Market is a vibrant event full of handmade, original and inspiring products, delicious (bio) snacks, drinks, workshops and good live music.

You can shop, follow workshops, have a massage, get health advice, taste the regional and world food, enjoy the live music and relax on the terrace. And it's a fact that if the children are occupied and having fun then the parents can relax too, so there are lots of fun activities for children.

If you would like to visit: The FeelGood Market is open today till 18.00 hrs at "Ketelhuisplein", and the next edition will be on Sunday August 15.

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